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Series 1/2 Receiver Assembly

Series 1/2 Receiver Assembly

Introducing the Double Notch (DN) Receiver! It works with both Series 1 and Series 2 Arms and is essential for our upcoming Flex-Arm® product.  All of the new Series 2 Arms come with the improved DN Receiver.  Remember, the Flex-Arm® only works with this new receiver, so if you're upgrading an old Series 1 Buddyrider, you'll need to get the Flex-Arm® and a new DN Receiver.  Your old Series 1 receiver will not work with the Flex-Arm®.

Upgrade your biking experience with the DN Receiver for seamless compatibility with the Flex-Arm.

Only required for moving Buddyrider from bike to bike. For those with two bikes in their household, ordering an additional Receiver assembly allows you to switch the Buddyrider from one bike to the other easily.

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